Frequently Asked Questions For Wineries +
Frequently Asked Questions for Vyhnes Users -

What is Vyhne’s Mission? Why did you create Vyhnes?

Vyhnes organizes and presents the amazing wine tasting options available in the San Francisco Bay Area region. Vyhnes starts with Napa Valley and Sonoma Country wine regions-top wine regions in the world, where there are hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms. Many options represent the larger known producers of wine, but there are also many, many options offered by small to medium wineries that one wouldn’t have heard of or seen while driving on the major roads. All of these tasting experiences are unique and some of the best in the world. There is a need to present all of the options, let visitors search and find the experience to fit their desires, and help organize, what can be somewhat complex, logistics. Vyhnes goes further, by offering features to capture the experience in: posts, favorite wines tasted, the schedule of tastings, tours, and wine shipments. Lastly, Vyhnesis all about wine appreciation and knowledge, a major resource within the app is “Wine Edu, A Wine Education”, which is a presentation of wine basics so that tasting experiences build upon a solid underlying knowledge of wine fundamentals. Each month we will add more and more wineries, tasting rooms, regions and cities.

How does Vyhnes compare to other wine mobile apps?

Vyhnes centers for the user the wine tasting experience from research and planning to capture the great fun of the visit. Wine tasting with a purpose! Vyhnes’ focus is an appreciation and knowledge of wine, from vines to winemaking, to being smitten by that first sip. Vyhnes is all about the adventure of wine tasting – in town at tasting rooms or in the Wine Country at wineries. It is NOT an all-encompassing (hotels, restaurants, etc.) Wine Country Visitor’s Center, it does NOT ordinate “deals”, it is NOT a retail wine purchase app, and it is NOT (currently) an online scheduler of events.

How/Why did you select the Vyhnes search options?

We felt these were the key variables visitors had in mind when they plan wine tasting: location, ease of getting in to taste, cost, types of wine varietals offered and winery type (tasting experience). And, you can search by the winery name (you may have heard of) to pull up a winery profile.

What are other features of Vyhnes?

Winery Profiles-

A snap shot of each winery (or tasting room collective) with just what you need to know to make your decision of where to wine taste (including, pictures, ratings, various tasting experiences to choose from, events, and special deals).

A Google map

A navigation system showing traffic, driving times, distances, etc. and directions to the winery.

One click calling:

Call to the winery for an appointment or more information beyond what you find in the winery profile and app logistics.

A calendar system

For logging and organizing tasting appointments and wine shipments.

A wine wishlist –

Gathers details about your favorite wines in one place.

A wine community

Via your Facebook and other social media posts and the Vyhnes Facebook page.

Wine Edu, A Wine Education

A resource on the basics of wine, a core and fundamental wine education.

Why are some winery profile pages more complete than others?

We populated the app with basic information by creating a database from scratch, we are asking the wineries to edit and add to their information, as they do this, the profile pages gain more information. Be sure to mention Vyhnes to the wineries and tasting rooms.

Why are some wineries and tasting rooms not included?

We populated the app by creating a database of wineries and tasting rooms from scratch, we tried to hit the most popular, the accessible, the familiar, various types and sizes, the producers of highly rated reds and/or whites. It is an on going effort, we are adding every month. Let us know of one you would like us to add.

Why is it a partial wine list?

We populated the app with the most popular eight varietals; these varietals drive thevarietal search function. Of course, many wineries and tasting rooms offer more types of wine so as wineries “own their profile pages” and add their details and wines, the list will expand and will show up in the winery profile wine list.

How do I contact Vyhnes?

Please email We do want feedback of how to improve, what you find valuable, ideas for new features, wineries and tasting rooms to add.

Do you plan to include into other wine regions?

Yes, first Napa Valley and Sonoma County, next major San Francisco Bay Area cities tasting rooms (to give the app more opportunity for more frequent usage), then Central California, Gold Country, Northern California – rounding out the major wine regions in California. We will then be “Tasting California Wines”. Later possibly Washington, Oregon, and who knows Bordeaux, and beyond!

Do you plan for future releases with more features?

Our plan is to create an Android version, then, we will build a roadmap of future features and releases from users like you and winery feedback. We might also create a website version for use on the laptop.

Do you plan to charge?

We would like to offer a “premium” version, but first we want widespread usage-so please send Vyhnes info to a friend! If you have an idea to make Vyhnes more valuable to users, please send us a note (! We are trying to keep ads to a minimum (if at all) and only if relevant to wine enthusiasts.